The Law of Attraction: You Attract What You Are

By default, I tend to be a negative person. I remember my father always telling me to think positively and good things would happen to me but as a teenager, it’s pretty hard to muster up a sunny disposition. I think it’s human nature to want to find the possible dangers and complications in any given situation, and mull them over in our minds to be prepared for the worst. But that mentality is causing you more harm than good. I didn’t realize the detrimental effect it was having on my own life until I began following the teachings of the law of attraction. But, what the hell is that? I’m sure you have a desire to know more.

What is the law of attraction?

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It’s a simple philosophy really, it’s one of the key laws of the universe: you attract what you think about. At first, it sounds absolutely crazy, like some crunchy-granola bullshit that you want no part of getting sucked into. I get that. It wasn’t until I checked my ego at the door, stuffed my inclination toward worry into a tiny box, and tried this out that my life began to ultimately change.

Everything on earth is made up of vibrations, cue the eye rolls. Every particle of your being, every atom upon which you stand, every spec of stardust that built this planet is constantly vibrating. We emit vibrations every second of our lives from the moment we’re born. It only makes sense then that our thoughts also give off energy. Every passive, active, stupid, genius, or troublesome thought that runs through your mind is made up of energy. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Nature displays an abundance of these patterns of attraction: like-minded people become friends or lovers, comparable plants grow in the same ecosystem, evolution favors similar traits in similar species. The same can be said of your own thoughts – whatever you think about is what comes to you. That is why it is crucial to be the energy you want to attract

That means that what you’re thinking about, the energy and vibrations you emit, are what eventually comes back to you. If you’re constantly thinking about how to manifest money then, believe it or not, the universe will find a way to bring it to you.

Is the law of attraction real?

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If you clicked on this article then chances are there is a small part of you that already believes this might be true. Maybe you’ve heard some success stories from people who have practiced the laws of attraction, maybe you’ve dabbled in creating a law of attraction planner, maybe you even have a few designated manifestations or a vision board. Or, maybe not. Maybe you’re not quite convinced that this fundamental principle is even true.

If you have any doubt, then I can tell you that you’re right – you will not be able to manifest anything purposefully. A key part of being able to manifest your own destiny is a complete belief in the mantras you tell yourself. But believe it or not, the law of attraction is real and it is always working whether you participate or not. You’re welcome to shrug off this concept as nonsense and continue with life as you knew it, but the universe will still manifest whatever passive thoughts you let run through your mind.

If, however, you want to take control, then manifestation and gratitude are the way to do it. I believe it’s real because it has worked for me, I’ve seen the results firsthand in my life and the lives of my loved ones. I urge you to give it a try. The worst-case scenario is that you end up becoming a little bit more motivated and positive-minded. That can only help!

Law of attraction success stories

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I’ll start with myself. Like many others, I learned about LOA from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Maybe you’ve heard about The Secret‘s blank check method developed by Jack Canfield. He wrote himself a blank check, taped a fake million dollar bill to his ceiling, and utilized the law of attraction to inspire the now-famous idea for his novel Chicken Soup for the Soul (and the subsequent franchise to follow). I can’t remember the first time I watched this movie, at least a decade ago, but I’ve practiced the teachings since then and years later here I am with the results.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to move to Oregon. I grew up in New Hampshire, (where’s that?!) and dreamed of abandoning my East Coast roots for the rainy allure of the Pacific Northwest. When I decided I wanted to move to Oregon I was young and still deciding where to go to college. I couldn’t afford to go to an American university so moving to Oregon for school was out of the question. Instead, I bought myself a poster of Sisters, Oregon. I had pin-pointed the exact city in Oregon where I wanted to move. I put it on my wall, stared at it every day, and told myself that I would move there. I began my manifestation!

The thing about the law of attraction is that nothing happens overnight. I put that poster on my wall with no plan of how I’d move to Oregon or when. I put my trust in the universe, repeated my manifestations, kept my thoughts positive, and awaited an outcome. I moved to England for a year, then to Halifax, Nova Scotia for school. I met a boy who I fell deeply in love with (I manifested him too) and moved (begrudgingly) back to New Hampshire to be with him. After all those years of travel and moving, I ended up back in the same place and I had STILL never even set foot in the state of Oregon. I never came close! But everywhere I moved (I moved a total of nine times in a four-year span) I put up the poster of Sisters, Oregon and convinced myself I would be there one day.

When I was close to graduating from university after a grueling five years, I began applying for jobs as a writer or editor. I applied to any position in the country I was even remotely qualified for, and some which I was not. I applied in almost every state for any position with the title ‘Editor’ for a range of salaries. I had a few hopefuls but far more rejections. Then one day, out of the blue as I was finally wearying of the brutal New England winters, I got a call for an interview. This company was hiring an Editor and they just so happened to be located in Oregon about an hour and a half away from Sisters.

Needless to say, I got the job. I now live in Oregon in a beautiful townhouse with the love of my life and I have my dream job as an Editor with an incredible company. I write in my free time (à la this article) and I have at long-last found that “West Coast Happiness” I always sought. What are the chances that the one company that offered me a job, out of the almost 300+ companies I applied to all around the country, happened to be located down the road from the town I had been dreaming of? Slim. And that this company perfectly aligns with my values and morals and believes in me as a person? Nearly impossible. This was the largest payoff I’ve ever received besides finding my soulmate, but that’s a story for another day.

How to use the law of attraction & law of attraction techniques

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I’m going to provide you with four steps you need to utilize this powerful tool:





Step one may seem easy but failure to set goals correctly is detrimental to the rest of the process. The number one reason people fail is that they focus on too much at once. As soon as you realize that the universe is like a catalog and you can pick out exactly what you want, it becomes tempting to wondering how to manifest love, how to use the law of attraction for weight loss, how to get your life in order, etc. Pick one thing only and stick to it. Focus on that exclusively. Set one major goal and watch, wait for the payoff. When you receive what you want, move on to the next.

Okay, now you’ve set a goal. It’s time to focus on you. The universe will find a way to get you that goal once you’ve set it in your mind. To set it, spend a little bit of time every day visualizing the outcome as if it has already happened. If you want to manifest wealth, imagine yourself counting stacks of money, imagine the exact number you want in your bank account and CONVINCE yourself that it’s already there. You have $500,000 in your savings account right now. Always use the present tense. Take a minimum of five minutes every day to focus on yourself, your goals, and deeply visualize the outcome.

It can be hard to visualize your reality, that’s why there is a multitude of tools available to you. Use vision boards where you put up pictures of your goal, utilize affirmations and mantras, start learning law of attraction meditation techniques, begin journaling. When you’re journaling write down everything as if it has already happened. For instance: “Today I was cast in the leading role of a major motion picture”. Write your journal as if you’re currently experiencing the payoff. Channel the emotions you’ll actually feel when it happens, live as if it’s happening right now. Use all of these tools and more! I listen to guided meditations and visualizations to keep my mind on track.

The final step is the easiest: wait. If you do the work every day and maintain gratitude for the things you already have the rest will come to you with ease. I often advise that people start with a small, time-sensitive goal so they can see immediate results. That way, you gain more belief and confidence in the system. Start with a small sum of money, something believable to you. You’ll be shocked when it comes from the most unexpected of places.

Law of attraction affirmations

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Affirmations are often deeply personal and connected directly to the goal you wish to achieve. Most people create their own but there are a few standard law of attraction affirmations that you can repeat and visualize every day for a happier healthier life. A few of my favorites are:

I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy.

This is a good run-of-the-mill affirmation to repeat to yourself through the day or whenever you need a reminder of your own strength and power.

I am open and ready to attract abundance.

You can replace the word abundance with anything that you’re specifically trying to attract. For instance, if you’re trying to attract your soulmate you can instead say something like: “I am open and ready to attract my ideal partner”.

I trust the universe to surprise me with good news this week.

This one is broad and open-ended. You shouldn’t use something unspecific like this if you have a particular goal in mind. This affirmation is fine to keep you on track but the problem with it is that the term “good” is subjective. The universe has no concept of good or bad news. This affirmation should be used when you have already mastered visualization.

I am prosperous in all areas of my life.

This is a good affirmation to use in combination with a more specific one. For instance, if you’re already visualizing your bank account with $500,000 in savings, this affirmation pairs nicely.

The key to living the law of attraction

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There is no “secret” to utilizing this tool. It comes as a result of positive thinking, gratitude, persistence, and constant communication with the world around you. It took me years to master this skill and I’m still learning! I don’t have a bank account filled with millions of dollars yet because I have not focused on that quite yet. It takes time. Believe in the process, trust that the universe will deliver what you’ve asked for, and constantly reaffirm your beliefs.

Go forth and manifest with a reckless abandon.

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