The 10 Best Horror Podcasts for 2020

It’s certainly slim pickings when trying to find a good horror podcast. This ranking is based on a few different determinants: creep factor, production quality, post regularity, and likeability of the host(s). If you want to spook-up your morning commute then read our list of the 10 Best Horror Podcasts for 2020.

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Why Do We Love HORROR?

If you know me then you know I am a happy person so why do I love fucked up shit? For a long time, I was worried that I was destined for some dark future where I became evil (like I said Jeffrey Dahmer and I share a birthday…) but it wasn’t until I got older and niche interests became more accepted (thanks Tumblr!) that I realized that a LOT of folks can get down with slasher movies, scream queens, and gruesome true crime.

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