Book Review: The Meat Hunter by Megan Allen

Molly Bishop uses the tools she has: her successful career in the farm industry, her cunning smarts, and her natural beauty, to take revenge against men who kill animals. She runs on a strong set of morals that fuel her vigilante-style serial killings. As a feminist it is impossible not to admire her siren-like sexuality that she uses to her advantage.

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The Law of Attraction: You Attract What You Are

Everything on earth is made up of vibrations, cue the eye rolls. The same can be said of your own thoughts. That is why it is crucial to be the energy you want to attract! The law of attraction states that like attracts like. That means that what you’re thinking about, the energy and vibrations you emit, are what eventually comes back to you. If you’re constantly thinking about how to manifest money then, believe it or not, the universe will find a way to bring it to you.

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Why Do We Love HORROR?

If you know me then you know I am a happy person so why do I love fucked up shit? For a long time, I was worried that I was destined for some dark future where I became evil (like I said Jeffrey Dahmer and I share a birthday…) but it wasn’t until I got older and niche interests became more accepted (thanks Tumblr!) that I realized that a LOT of folks can get down with slasher movies, scream queens, and gruesome true crime.

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