Year in (Product) Review: 10 Items to Carry Over Into 2019.

I have a problem: I may be addicted to online shopping.

Even worse? I have a frugal and thrifty minimalist-inclined boyfriend who watches as I quietly fill our shared space with things I might not need. That being said, these ten items are things I not only LOVE and maybe need but also highly recommend to friends, family, strangers, enemies, dogs, extraterrestrials, really anyone!

If you find that you like some of these products too then feel free to click on the image to be redirected to Amazon where they can be purchased using my Amazon Affiliate link. It is literally that simple. If you don’t like these products then, well, I have failed you and I humbly apologize. Read on!

Makeup Removing Cloths

Taking makeup off is the worst and best part of the day. Worst because you may develop what I like to call my Gene Simmons look, when all the mascara runs down my face and I fear my own reflection, and best because a fresh face feels so good.

I did not believe in these cloths. I was a skeptic. I bought them purely to have the pleasure of going “HA! I WAS RIGHT, YOU DON’T WORK!” but to my surprise they took off all my makeup with only water. Gooooodbye expensive makeup wipes (sorry Neutrogena) and hello to only using soft cloths and water! Buy them, they actually fucking work and it is a miracle.


Portable Phone Charging Puff

If you are as extra as I am then you might feel an overwhelming urge to have little soft and fluffy keychains that serve no purpose. Well ladies, (and tasteful gentlemen) those days are over because your obnoxious keychain now serves a hell of a purpose: it charges your phone.

BUQU makes this super soft faux-fur puff ball that charges your damn phone on the go! How cute! I get compliments on this little puff all the time because puff keychains are very in right now (why?) and not only are you following trend you’re also making sure you’re never without a fully charged phone.

This Essential Moisturizing Cream

It’s 2019 now folks, it’s time to be moisturizing daily. And yes, I am aware it is a huge pain in the ass, and yes I do also have traumatic childhood memories of having ice-cold lotion slathered all over my arms and legs in the dead of winter by my well-intentioned mother. But regardless, your skin is your largest organ and it needs to be pampered.

If you’re going to pamper your skin, use Hempz. I recommend them because they smell delicious (Blushing Grapefruit and Raspberry Creme is my favorite) and they keep your skin incredibly hydrated. Click that link and get moisturized!

The Smartest Smart Watch

Okay, ignore this item if you don’t have a Samsung smart phone because it really doesn’t apply to you. BUT if you do happen to have a Samsung smart phone then I recommend spending the extra dime to get the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

It comes in rosegold and black (rosegold is the best, fight me if you disagree) and it is comfortable, water resistant, sleek, and has a spinning bezel to replace your long-lost figet spinner. Seriously one of the best purchases I made in 2018. I wear it everyday and you can replace the straps with pretty much any standard strap. I have faux-leather straps on mine right now!

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

Did you see that Kat Von D and Prayers just had a baby boy? That’s unrelated but I wanted to draw your attention to that fact. Besides being a beautiful tattoo-goddess mama, Kat Von D is also the queen of cruelty-free makeup. Of all her products, the Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette reigns supreme.

Do you love just straight up theatrics? Because Kat Von D shaped this palette like a CATHEDRAL with DOORS THAT OPEN. Not only is the makeup incredible, strong pigments and beautiful shades, the over drama of the packaging is riveting.

Spinning Facial Brush

You probably have one of these because you’re probably smarter than I am. These have aparently been popular for the last 300 years and my dumb ass has just been late to the party. Regardless, I discovered these beauties last year and my skin has become beautiful ever since.

I like to use some Burt’s Bees Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser and work it in my my spinning facial brush. It makes my skin all tingly-clean and provides an overall tighteness without being uncomfortable.

This A-DOR-able Pen Cup

I’ll preface by saying that you probably don’t need this. But if you work at a desk all day you want some little things that *spark joy* as Marie Kondo would say. This tiny elephant pen holder sparks some damn joy for me, okay?

Why am I recommending a pen holder? I DON’T KNOW but it’s damn cute and I love it!

Natural and Effective Facial Toner

If you know me, then you know that I live for witch hazel.  I use it twice if not three times daily to re-balance the delicate pH of my skin. There are a bunch of different brands of witch hazel but the best one, without a doubt, is Thayers.

It’s fresh, alcohol free, comes in gorgeous scents and an easy-to-use bottle. Pour some witch hazel on a resuable cotton round and dab it all over your skin. You will feel fresh, alert, and your pH levels will be balanced as fuck.

This Facial Steamer

2018 was the year of the at-home spa for me. I do face masks, paint my nails, epsom salt soaks, extract blackheads, listen to Ironic by Alanis Morissette on repeat, and steam the heck out of my face. It’s a great way to relax, open your pores, and re-hydrate.

I recommend this steamer because of the facial shield and accompanying extraction tools.

This Fresh-Breath Whitening Toothpaste

This is the ONLY thing on the entire list that is a consensus between me and my boyfriend is this here toothpaste! It is a charcoal-infused minty coconut-oil based paste. It has whitened both of our smiles, freshened our breath, and been an overall hit.

There are a lot of brands of charcoal toothpaste that I’ve tried but Hello tastes the best and has given me the best results.

If you loved any of these products please feel free to click their images and purchase them using my Amazon Affiliate link. If you want more recommendations and reviews stay tuned.

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Stay weird, be wild, and read on!

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